freshly roasted coffee.


Our roasting team has a passion for coffee and is continuously working to be better at what we do so we can offer the best product to our customers.  All of our coffee is small batch roasted in a fluid bed roaster where we work to roast each type of coffee to the perfect profile that brings out that coffee’s full potential. Each coffee bean that is used to make each drink has made a long journey to our shop. From the planting of the tree to the barista’s here at BB, about 15 people have done their part to bring each customer the best coffee experience possible. All of the coffee we buy is direct trade coffee, reassuring us we are offering the best product possible.


We guarantee the coffee we sell was roasted within the last 5 days so the consumer will always be drinking fresh roasted coffee! We offer coffees from around the world that are some of that region's best offered. We invite you to come sample our coffee or what we consider a little taste of heaven!

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Proudly serving Dillanos Coffee!